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Connection Reset When Creating a JDBC Pool Connection

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####<2013-12-31 上午01时17分23秒 CST><> <> <>
####<2013-12-31 上午01时17分23秒 CST><> <> <><Server started in ADMIN mode>
####<2013-12-31 上午01时00分57秒 CST><[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: ‘1’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’> <> <> <> weblogic.common.ResourceException: Unknown Data Source JDBC-Oracle-IMR
at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionPoolManager.shutdownConnectionPool(
at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionPoolManager.shutdownAndDestroyPool(
at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionPoolManager.shutdownAndDestroyPool(
at weblogic.jdbc.module.JDBCModule.prepare(
at weblogic.application.internal.flow.ModuleListenerInvoker.prepare(
at weblogic.application.internal.flow.DeploymentCallbackFlow$

  1. From the WLS admin console, select the datasource.
  2. Under the connection pool tab, click on Advanced.
  3. Check the “Enable Test Connections On Reserve” option.
  4. Make “Login Delay” 1.
  5. Make “Connection Creation Retry Frequency” 2.
  6. Save the configuration.
  7. Restart the Cluster.

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